Coastal Alaska its the realm of the bear.  Nearly every inch of Alaska's 6,600 mile coast line is habitat for one of our three great bear species.  The lush rainforest of South-East Alaska boast premier habitat for massive Black Bears and Brown Bears while Mountain Goats look down upon them from craggy peaks of the Coast Ranges.   The rugged coastlines of of South West Alaska see World's largest Brown Bears roaming salmon rich streams in search of protein to maintain their half-ton bulk.

Interior Alaska stretches from the coastal mountains in the south to the Brooks Range in the north and to the Canadian boarder in the east.  It is a region as massive as it's most iconic inhabitant, The Alaska-Yukon Moose.  Caribou and Dall Sheep occupy the tallest mountain ranges in North America, the Wrangell Mountains in the east and Alaska Range in the west.  Grizzly and Black Bear tracks are a constant reminder of the presence of the most powerful predators on the continent.

Alaska's Arctic is a vast, mostly untouched, wilderness roughly the size of California.  The 600 mile long Brooks Range bisects this region flanked on the north by the vast, desolate coastal plain and on the south by the endless spruce forests of the Yukon River Basin.  Barren Ground Caribou abound on the coastal plain and in the Brooks Range foothills; Grizzlies, wolves, and wolverines patrol the entire region in search of prey; and Dall Sheep lord over the high alpine.   

Alaska is a land of extremes, brutal to the unprepared, yet fragile if treated carelessly.  We provide personal service to our guests that is second to none in a responsible, ethical manner.  We cherish Alaska's fish and wildlife resources and respect others that share our passion.  We will show you the "True Alaska", far off the beaten path.  We pursue solitude encountered only in the deepest wilderness of Alaska.  This philosophy of exploring Alaska in the most remote settings allows for wildlife behavior that is completely natural and mature game animals in their pristine native habitats.  Hike hundreds of miles from the nearest road, fish without another angler in sight,  and hunt where the only voice will be the whisper of your guide.  We are passionate about sharing our wild places and unique inhabitants of Alaska with you.  We pride ourselves on exceptional service to our guests, our community, and our natural resources.
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