Black bears are the ghosts of Alaska's boreal forest; always present but seldom seen.  Although second in abundance only to the nomadic caribou, black bears are often overlooked by visitors to Alaska in search of more iconic big game animals.  Alaska's black bear population is at historic levels.  Many areas of the state have a three bear limit with no closed season.  Our spring hunts are conducted primarily on private lands owned by the Ahtna Native Corporation.  We are granted special predation permits to assist in Ahtna's moose enhancement programs. Black bears are efficient predator and take a significant percentage of moose calves every spring. Hunters can expect multiple opportunities to bag bears on all of our hunts.  Our hunting area has about 50% "color phase" bears.  One to three bears may be taken on hunts as short as four days.  These hunts are conducted from our comfortable cabins located in Copper Center, Alaska.  Stand and blind locations are situated mostly along the whitewater tributaries of the Copper River.  Our outstanding hunts run May 20-June 30.  We provide all hunters with active, well established bait sites.  Black bears may also be taken incidentally while hunting many other species.  As long-time bow hunters we encourage the use of various types of weapons for these hunts.  Muzzleloaders, handguns, bows, or rifles are all welcome.

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