Alaska Hunting Trips

Alaska Outfitters Unlimited Dall Sheep Hunting

Nothing on Earth surpasses the beauty of an Alaska Outfitters Unlimited Dall Sheep hunting adventure. Dall Sheep offer one of the most attractive specimens, a stunning environment, and the most delicious meat in the hunting world. A sheep hunt is one of the most strenuous and rewarding Alaska hunting trips. Hunters should be In very good physical condition for any sheep hunt. All hunts are conducted 100% fair chase and all will require strenuous climbing. We can accommodate all levels of sheep hunters from hard-core, adrenelin seekers to hunters that have put in many years in the field. This is true backpack sheep hunting in every way.  Expect to hike up to ten miles daily and camp in different locations nearly every night.  The USFWS Concession areas we hunt are known for some of the largest Dall Sheep genetics in the Brooks Range.  Grizzly Bears and caribou can be abundant in this area and may be taken on a trophy fee basis.  Weather is usually good in August but can range from 20-80 degrees with days in the 60s and nights around 40 most common.  Hunters can expect to see sheep daily.   The hunt will begin with a flight across the Brooks Range.  The fly-in day will be spent scouting, and spiking in to a location to set up camp.  Plan to take everything you bring into the field with you.  Light weight gear makes your hunt that much more enjoyable.