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If you would like to join the Alaska Outfitters Unlimited family, you may be in luck.  We are always looking for the next great guide.  Our compensation for great guides is more generous than any Alaska hunting business.   

Send a detailed resume to us in the form below. Include references from at least 5 former clients, ALL former employers, and a history of any violations.  We will check your record.

Please do not rule yourself out because you do not fit the "mold" of the typical Alaskan Guide.  Some of the best guides are women, some have been nearly kids and some have moved on to great careers and PhD's. 

If you are an experienced guide or outfitter with a desire to improve your situation, please contact us.


Becoming a Great Guide

Great guides are not born and cannot be made.  Great guides are true professionals with a skill set as unique and specialized as any top-level professional business person or athlete.  These skills start to develop in most as a child and, if nurtured, manifest themselves in an ultimate preparedness for the wild and unknown.    All great guides must be personable, possess good judgement and a great work ethic.  Passion for the outdoors and the ability to adapt are essential to learn the skills and cope with the sacrifices required of a great guide.

Great Alaskan Guides are a diverse group from 4th generation Alaskans to some that still live in other States; with ages from 20 years old to those in their 70's and beyond.    

We demand that all of our guides posses these qualities and commitment to conservation and the laws that assure our resources and industry are well managed.  

New Recruits

If you are obsessed with wild places and the pursuit of the hunt, a career in the outdoors may be a good fit.  If you are just looking for a job, do not contact us.  We will gladly take on apprentices with the right attitude and skill set.  No guiding experience is necessary but a prior connection with the outdoors is a must.  We prefer a commitment of at least two seasons.  Unlike our Great Guides, apprentices do not earn fantastic pay but will gain what most people would consider lifetime worth of outdoor knowledge in a single season.

Great Guide Virtues

-  Integrity

-  Honesty

-  Passion for the outdoors

-  A commitment to conservation

-  A drive to teach

-  Ability to motivate

-  Interesting personality

-  Outgoing and Social

-  Confidence

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