Alaska Hunting Trips

Alaska's Arctic Grizzlies are the survivors of the North Slope of the Brooks Range.   The diet of a Grizzly Bear varies more widely than any apex predator in the Western Hemisphere.  They have access to some protein rich big game, like caribou and dall sheep, but survive most of the summer on smaller rodents, roots, grasses and berries.  Arctic Grizzlies are the smallest brown bear; spending up to 8 months in their dens and growing to sizes of six to eight feet. What they lack in size, they make up for in character and beauty.  Arctic Grizzlies are often a bright blonde, almost white color with dark legs and very long hair.  These hunts take place in Game Management Unit 26 in the Brooks Range, Alaska's northernmost Game Management Unit. Our season in the Arctic starts with a 60 mile float trip for the these abundant grizzlies and velvet-antlered caribou.  This is a true wilderness hunt near floating past the most remote point in America.  Hunting pressure is almost zero in this area and it contains some of the highest grizzly bear densities ever recorded in the Arctic.   You will float a river surrounded by mountains up to 4500ft at the beginning opening up into Arctic Foot Hills half way through the float.  Grizzlies are also taken in combination with our Dall Sheep hunts in our Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Concession.