Alaska Moose are the Titans of North American game animals standing nearly twice as tall at the shoulder as the next largest native land mammal.  Moose hunting can be one of the most exciting hunts imaginable.  Moose are vocal during the rut and are often easy to imitate.  If you are lucky enough to call in several bulls at once you will truly feel like you have stepped in to Jurassic Park.  They generally don't sneak up on you but come in ripping spruce trees and willow bushes out of the ground while displaying their 5-6 foot wide antlers as a means of intimidation.  Hunters must be very careful when booking a moose hunt to ensure populations of trophy animals are present, there are many sub-par moose hunts for sale. We will be offering moose hunts in 2017 in an exclusive Federal Concession stretching over 140 miles of Southwest Alaska's giant moose country.  We will only take 4 moose hunters in this huge area and tags will be by drawing only, although drawing odds are very good.   Moose hunts are usually ten day hunts conducted by raft, or on foot.  Brown Bears may also be taken in this area in conjunction with our moose hunts.  We also recommend hunts with our Associate Outfitters that we have personally experienced.  The moose hunts we offer are absolutely the best Alaska-Yukon moose hunts on earth. These hunts are generally booked up several years in advance, rarely are there hunts available for the current year, please plan ahead.  These hunts offer close to 100% success.

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