ATV Guide Extrordiare

Hunting Guide in Training

Sarah is the newest member of the Alaska Outfitters Unlimited Team.  Sarah was hired to operate our summer ATV and sightseeing tours, she immediately fit in perfectly with our family.  Sarah is a life long Alaskan that has lived the remote life and learned from experience.  She grew up in a small cabin on the remote Kuskokwim River, and gained an impressive work ethic from her upbringing.  Sarah posses all the skills necessary to excel in the outdoor industry and is a stand-out guide.  With some experience we hope Sarah will become a great hunting guide.  



"The Great Norwegian Polar Bear"

Assistant Guide/Entertainer

Curtis has been guiding with us since 2008.  Curtis is a third generation Alaskan that has been hunting since his days in diapers.  Curt is the main entertainment in any hunting camp.  His antics keep everyone on their toes, we never know when or who the next practical joke will hit.  Curtis has been dedicated to helping Veterans experience Alaska and has worked with many groups including HAVE-Alaska, Alaska's Healing Hearts, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and the Wounded Warrior Project.  Curtis has also spent many years on local Fish and Game Advisory Committees; helping craft regulations that sustainably manage Alaska's Fish and Wildlife resources.  

Your Alaska wilderness hunting experience is only as good as the guide that shares you hunt with you.  Alaska Outfitters Unlimited founder Aaron Bloomquist has been fortunate to work with and be mentored by some of the most respected outfitters in Alaska.  We have in return worked hard to hire and retain the best guides in the business.  An outfit is only as good as the professionals that accompany our guests in the field.  Our family of staff has included numerous Master Guides and lifetime outdoorsmen.  Good guides are sometimes difficult to retain so we make an investment in them and compensate them accordingly.  Many of our former guides have went on to establish their own successful outfits.  We ask that all of our guides volunteer and contribute to conservation organizations and participate in Alaska big game management.  We are always looking for great guides and do everything we can to make them a part of our family.  Below we will introduce you to the members of this extended family.              

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Professional Hunters  



Hunting Guide/Gunsmith

Steve has been guiding with us since 2008.  Curtis is a second generation Alaskan that has also been hunting since his days in diapers.  Steve is the owner of Alaska Custom Firearms in Anchorage, a successful Custom Gun Shop.  Steve has nearly 20 years of guiding experience in Alaska and has hunted all of Alaska's species of big game.   Steve served as a Marine and is very involved in firearms instruction and hunter's safety. Steve lives in Anchorage with his Wife Lucy and his Teenage Daughter Laya.   

Alaska Hunting Trips




Hunting Guide

Stew has been guiding for Alaska Outfitters Unlimited since 2008.  Stew has guided for outfitters in many of Alaska's premier hunting areas.  Stew is also a serious hunter himself, taking all of Alaska's primary big game species over the years.  He calls Kenai, Alaska home and has raised his now grown children hunting and fishing in Alaska's great outdoors.  




Aaron holds Alaska Registered Guide/Outfitter License #1259, licensed to guide in over half of Alaska's Game Management Units.   He spends over half the year guiding hunters and fishermen throughout Alaska.  He has an undying desire to spend time in the most remote wilderness in America.  When not running Alaska Outfitters Unlimited, Aaron seeks out other premier outfitters in Alaska to work with and explore new areas.   Winter brings time for family and conservation.  Although Aaron has cut back on volunteer hours since Baby Addie was born, he still stays very dedicated and involved.  Aaron has often spent more time in a year volunteering for conservation causes and hunters' advocacy than working. He has averaged over 1000 hours per year on these causes over the last ten years!  He has also worked for conservation in his hunting outfit.  All of his spring bear hunts since 2008 have been in areas where bears (black, brown, and grizzly) have been identified by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a  limiting the productivity depressed moose and caribou populations.  This has accounted for about 200 fewer bears in areas identified for moose recovery.  Aaron has averaged 10.9yoa on rams personally guided, over 27" skulls on coastal bears, and over 62" on moose.  A record like this only comes from a conservative hunting and a willingness to wait for the most mature animals.



Registered Guide Outfitter

Lyle has been guiding with Aaron since 2009 in the Arctic and also occasionally for bears in the Spring.  Lyle is a dynamic personality to hunt with and a true professional in the mountains.  Lyle is one of the busiest guides in Alaska, guiding on the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak, Brooks Range and points in between on an annual basis and for all of Alaska's Major Species.  Lyle was also recently awarded a Concession in the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge for brown bears.  If you would like to contact Lyle directly about a brown bear hunt, fill out the form below.  Lyle is very involved in his Church and Community.  Lyle is proud to be a newly elected member of the Alaska Professional Hunters Association Board of Directors.